Menomonee Falls, WI USA
Hayley H
Hayley H

Menomonee Falls​,​ WI USA

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Living room available. Will install bed for guest(s). 1-3 people. No pets. No smoking. You must be able to pay for your own travel to USA on visa. I do not have money to help pay your way here. I'm only offering temp housing up to 1 month. You should have enough money to pay for your own apartment​,​ security deposit​/​1st month's rent​,​ when you arrive. Rent in my area is quite expensive. $800-$2​,​000 per month. Menomonee Falls is 10 minutes from Milwaukee​,​ WI where housing is less expensive. Milwaukee has a alot of jobs. You must locate a sponsor. I'm only offering housing as a host. I cannot financially support any refugees beyond offering free housing. To apply to find a sponsor​,​ go to this website: Information and forms to become a Ukrainian refugee in the USA can be found on this website: Copy and paste the links into your internet browser for all the information needed to begin process. If you have been matched with a sponsor​,​ please contact me so I may confirm with the agency you worked with that I will host you. Hosts only provide free housing. The U.S. government requires all Ukrainians to locate a sponsor to enter the U.S. Sponsors promise to financially support you for at least 2 years​,​ which is why locating a sponsor is hard. But​,​ this is the current process. Our U.S. border is very selective to avoid a situation where refugees become a burden of welfare. The U.S. offers asylum but you must work hard and become a productive member of U.S. society. If you don't have at least $5​,​000 in savings to pay for your flight and first few weeks here​,​ you don't have enough money to live here. Menomonee Falls is a upper middle class suburb.


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Available from: 11/25/2022

Language skills: English. Google.

Capacity: 3



Hayley H

Hello, I'm Hayley H.

Work at a hospital 60 hrs per week. Can teach English. Have a bachelor's degree. No kids. No pets. Lived here most of life.