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Private Room in Shared House with young Volunteers
Cassy K
Cassy K

Private Room in Shared House with young Volunteers

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We're offering up to 2 individual rooms with private bathroom & shower for 1 person each. The rooms are fully furnished​​,​ same for the rest of the house​​,​ and you are free to use all shared facilities. This is a non-smoking household & pets are not allowed. The accommodation is free​​,​ all inclusive (rent​​,​ water​​,​ internet​​,​ food etc). We provide plant based meals for everybody​,​ but you do not need to be vegan to be welcome here. The room has a PC with cable internet access​,​ WiFi and a separate bathroom with shower. Our place is located in Forst (Lausitz)​​,​ northeast of Germany​​,​ close to the border of Poland (central Europe). The next bigger city is Cottbus​​,​ which can be reached in approximately 25 minutes by car or about 30 minutes by train. Berlin is located about 2 hours away with the closest airport​​,​ Berlin-Brandenburg. We have a spacious building with a big garden in a quiet & safe neighborhood. The area is surrounded by a lot of nature & much greenery. There is a river and a park nearby​​,​ with many kilometers of paved or grass paths​​,​ perfect for walks​​,​ runs​​,​ meditation or other outdoor activities. The house also has a fully equipped gym free for use. Grocery stores​​,​ pharmacies​​,​ retailers​​,​ the post office​​,​ banks​​,​ dentists and doctors can be reached within 10 to 15 minutes by foot. There is also a hospital in the city​​,​ which can be reached within 10 minutes by car. We're a group of activists that does charity fundraising via livestreaming and online events. We are currently working on software projects like the mobile game Clash of Streamers​. We are a divers group of many individuals of different nationality​​,​ background​​,​ language and gender. Most people living here are around the ages of 18-35​​,​ and there are no children. Your main contact would be young women​,​ you can check out my profile for more details. We have experience in working together with volunteers on different projects​​​,​​​ if there is interest we'd also be willing to help in learning skills to become more independent. Examples could be: Graphic Design​​,​ Programming​​,​ Web Development​​,​ Animation​​,​ Quality Assurance​​,​ Social Media Management & more. You don't necessarily need to contribute to our projects​,​ we are also happy to support you with remote study or other areas. Everyone here speaks english​​​,​​​ so we'd prefer you to know at least basic english and would support you in improving your language skills​. We have already hosted a few people from Ukraine​​,​ so we can offer assistance with organizational tasks like registration. This is a long term accommodation offer​​​,​​​ we'd be happy to integrate you to make this your home​​,​​​ so we'd like a guest who would feel comfortable living with us. I'd describe most people here as open minded​​,​ honest​​,​ caring & wanting to do good in the world. You can check out our official website here: (Note that this website is just for your information​,​ we're happy to host refugees from Ukraine without meeting volunteer requirements.) If you're interested please reach out and provide some basic information about yourself. Then we'd have a quick video call to get to know each other & discuss details. :)


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Available from: 5/24/2022

Language skills: we speak fluent english & german, you are required to know basic english

Capacity: 1



Cassy K

Hello, I'm Cassy K.

Hey there! :) I am Cassy, 26 years old. I moved to Forst (Lausitz), Germany, near Berlin almost 6 years ago. Since then I've been volunteering @ https://singularitygroup…