a family from Ukraine is looking for  apartments in Berlin

a family from Ukraine is looking for apartments in Berlin

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Good afternoon! We are a family from Ukraine​,​ Kharkov city. My name is Veronica​,​ I am 33 years old​,​ my mother's name is Victoria​,​ she is 52 years old. We have two obedient​,​ well-mannered golden retriever dogs​,​ Martin and Michel (brother and sister​,​ 6 years old) Due to war and destruction​,​ we had to leave our homeland and now we are planning our future life here in Germany. For this reason we are interested in long term rentals. We have a residence permit until July 2023. We speak English with a dictionary and from October 10 we will learn German on VHS. After learning German​,​ we plan to start working. Therefore​,​ it is very important for us to find an apartment. I can provide social security documents. Until we find a good job​,​ the job center pays the rent. As a landlord​,​ you have the assurance that your monthly rent will reach you on time and with confidence. We can provide receipts for our apartment where we currently live. We are a quiet​,​ calm family and we attach great importance to cleanliness. We temporarily live in an apartment that was kindly provided to us by a German family who can give us a recommendation. In February​,​ our rental contract ends and we urgently need housing. We are considering the option of one two-room apartment or two one-room apartments. Any of the options will suit us very well. Thank you in advance. Sincerely​,​ Kryukova Veronika and Kryukova Victoria


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Available from: 12/23/2022

Language skills: English with vocabulary

Capacity: 2




Hello, I'm Veronika .

Hello, my name is Veronica and I am from Ukraine, the city of Kharkiv. Now I live in Berlin with my mother and two golden retriever dogs. We had difficulties with an…