I am asking for your help, I need a sponsor.

I am asking for your help​,​ I need a sponsor.

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Hello. My name is Sasha​,​ I am 23 years old​,​ I am from Ukraine. There is a terrible war in my country​,​ recently three Russian cruise missiles were fired in the center of my city​,​ many people died​,​ among them was my friend​,​ she is 21 years old... It is difficult to realize that you can die at different ages while walking in a peaceful city. That's why I'm asking for your help. I seek refuge in your friendly country. I am an educated young person without bad habits​,​ ready to help with the household under any conditions. A year ago I worked in Great Britain as a seasonal worker for six months​,​ I have a National Insurance number. We hope for your understanding. Thank you for everything your people do for our people!


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Available from: 9/21/2022

Language skills: English

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Hello, I'm Саша Ш.