I find sponsors in UK

I find sponsors in UK

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Hey! Good luck and good luck to everyone. My name is Lizaveta​,​ I am 18 years old. I have a request to you... Now in Ukraine​,​ in my homeland​,​ there is a war going on. I have nowhere to go. That's why I'm looking for a sponsor. I only have a boyfriend​,​ he is in the UK​,​ in the West Sussex region. But he does not have the opportunity to become my sponsor​,​ because he already lives under the sponsorship program for Ukrainians. I understand that it was necessary to act earlier​,​ but I did not think that this would overtake me too. Germany is also packed. I have a request for you - help me find a sponsor in the UK​,​ please. I would be extremely grateful if someone becomes my sponsor! Maybe you have friends who will accept me. Please write any information​,​ I will be grateful to everyone who will be kind to me! Let me tell you about myself: I am 18 years old​,​ a hairdresser​/​manicurist by profession. I am currently studying to be a web designer. I have experience in volunteering​,​ I really like to do good to people. I am active and calm​,​ I do not cause unnecessary problems. I am clean and will be happy to help around the house with a family that can take me! I love to cook​,​ play sports and travel. I have many hobbies. My English is not perfect​,​ but I try to improve it every day. Perhaps you have friends near London or in the Sussex area? I really hope you can help me!!! Thanks and have a nice day)


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Available from: 2/1/2023

Language skills: English intermediate, Russian, Ukrainian, German

Capacity: 1




Hello, I'm Lisaveta L.