if you could help us, we'd appreciate it.
Oleksandr H
Oleksandr H

if you could help us​,​ we'd appreciate it.

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Good day. My name is Hrechyshnikov Oleksandr​,​ born 05​/​21​/​1986​,​ my phone number is 0851602044 or greek407@gmail.com ​,​ my current address is: The Burren Hostel Kincora Road​,​ Lisdoonvarna V95Wp40 Co Clare​,​ temporary permission number: 2340688​/​1393222. My family and I used to live in Kharkiv​,​ Ukraine 38 kilometers from the Russian border. After the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war​,​ we were shelled daily and had to hide in the basement with our children and Parents. Being in the basement because of the dampness and cold​,​ the children and my elderly parents began to get sick. When the war started​,​ the youngest child was 4 months old and the eldest 5 years old​,​ it was a very difficult time for our family. After a while​,​ our house was hit by shrapnel and we were forced to leave and seek asylum in Ireland. After arriving in Dublin and registering with Citywest​,​ our family (me and my wife and two children: a boy of 2 years old and a girl of 7 years old) were placed in Burren Hostel in room #18 in Lisdoonvarna​,​ where we are living now. We have very little space in one small 16m2 room with the children. At the moment I am taking a course in Ennis and looking for a job in my specialty with a fitter or electrician and my wife is an accountant. My daughter attends junior high school. we Have a car Please help us to find and include in the program of affordable housing house or apartment in the city or near the city with the ability to attend school and my wife and I to work​,​ so that we can join the community​,​ live and work​,​ develop and realize the potential of the community. if you could help us​,​ we'd appreciate it. thanks for your time and help


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Available from: 1/23/2024

Language skills: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Capacity: 4



Oleksandr H

Hello, I'm Oleksandr H.

Good day. My name is Hrechyshnikov Oleksandr, born 21.05.1986, my phone number is 0851602044, my current address is : The Burren Hostel Kincora Road, Lisdoonvarna…