Looking for a place to stay 1-2 weeks, France
Anastasia L
Anastasia L

Looking for a place to stay 1-2 weeks​,​ France

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Hello​,​ My name is Anastasiia (29 years old) and I'm from capital of Ukraine​,​ Kyiv. I'am writing here​,​ because me and my brother​,​ like many ukrainian people​,​ have been forced from their homes​,​ because it is war in our beautiful country. So I'am asking you for help. We cannot return home yet​,​ because our city continues to be bombed and our parents asking us to stay safe. We are the family of two people​,​ I and my brother (17 years old). We are looking for a place to stay in France for 1-2 weeks​,​ cause we are waiting visa to UK and we want to visit our relatives​,​ but now we really need housing to wait for family reunion. I told you our true story. I speak English​,​ but not fluently. We'll appreciate any help you can provide. Looking forward to you response.


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Available from: 8/6/2022

Language skills: I speak English, but not fluently

Capacity: 2



Anastasia L

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