Looking for a shelter in USA any part
Renat M
Renat M

Looking for a shelter in USA any part

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Hello! We are from the East of Ukraine​​,​ fine city Zaporizhya. My girfriend is 20 years old​​,​ I am 21​​,​ and we are really want to go to USA. We are looking for good people who can help us with housing in USA for the first time​​,​ for 2-3 months​​,​ while we make all the necessary permits and will be looking for a job. The girlfriend's knowledge of English is B1​,​ mine is B2. We need jobs​​,​ we will consider all options​​,​ because we want to pay taxes in USA and be a part of USA society. We will be very grateful for your suggestions.


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Available from: 3/15/2023

Language skills: B2

Capacity: 2



Renat M

Hello, I'm Renat M.

21 y.o, student of Medical University, working as a truck dispatcher