Looking for housing, room, host (ARP, Ireland)
Oleh V
Oleh V

Looking for housing​,​ room​,​ host (ARP​,​ Ireland)

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Hello​,​ I'm Oleg​,​ I'm from Ukraine​,​ I'm 19 years old​,​ now I live in a church where 30 people live​,​ it's impossible to live here​,​ every night is a nightmare​,​ it's impossible to sleep​,​ other people are snoring​,​ making noise​,​ also to the nearest city it is 9 kilometers away​,​ there is nothing to do in the city​,​ and the bus runs only once a day (not always)​,​ so I am looking for a host​,​ a room or an apartment under the ARP program​,​ the main thing is to have a good transport connection​,​ my English is elementary (a1)​,​ I want to learn English to the average higher level (b2) and how to go to work as soon as possible to become financially independent​,​ thank you for your attention​,​ all the best If necessary​,​ I will pay for utilities I'm quiet​,​ calm​,​ I don't smoke​,​ I don't use drugs​,​ I don't drink​,​ I don't organize parties​,​ etc.​,​ I do sports​,​ I study English​,​ programming (Pyton​,​ C++) My WhatsApp: +353879918279


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Available from: 11/14/2023

Language skills: English A1 (Elementary), Native Ukrainian, Native Russian, Elementary Polish (A1) German (A2)

Capacity: 1



Oleh V

Hello, I'm Oleh V.

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