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Кристина К
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Hello! My name is Krystina. We are a small​,​ friendly family: 2 adults and two children - 16 and 7 years old. And we are seeking asylum in the UK. My husband and I have been together for 17 years​,​ raising our children to be open​,​ decent people. We don’t have bad habits and don’t like noisy parties. We prefer playing board games​,​ watching movies​,​ and hiking. I am a producer and department head in video production—a very sociable and hardworking person. I love travelling; I know a little English. I love movies and books​,​ chess and table tennis. I also love to cook​,​ especially Asian cuisine. I am active on social networks​,​ very tactful and kind. I like to communicate on various topics and develop my personality. In my free time​,​ I go to the gym. My husband has a calm and gentle character. He has worked since she was 16 and has various work experience. He has some knowledge about personal computers and electrical equipment design and loves to cook. His special hobby at home is the preparation of vegetables and fruits. He loves to play chess and is a fan of table tennis. We have two daughters. Kira and Alice. Kira loves to spend time alone playing games or drawing. She dreams of becoming an illustrator in the future. Like us​,​ he loves chess and learning new things about this world. Alice loves outdoor games and drawing. Recently​,​ she has acquired a hobby - making short videos) He is trying himself as a little blogger. She has an inquisitive mind. We spent much time in Ukraine​,​ hoping for peace to come soon. Now we understand that we must look for a safe place for our children and get them a quiet life. We sincerely want to be beneficial to society and work. We seek responsive sponsors who can shelter us for the first time and take the opportunity for us to have a safe life. Best wishes


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Available from: 1/28/2024

Language skills: English pre-intermediate

Capacity: 4



Кристина К

Hello, I'm Кристина К.

We plan to live as a family of 4 people: Krystyna Producer, Head of Streaming Video Department at Kukuruza Video Production kriskosmina@gmail.com Oleksandr Currently…