Допоможіть будь ласка з проживанням на пару тижнів!
Shulika L
Shulika L

Допоможіть будь ласка з проживанням на пару тижнів!

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Good day to all members of the group. We are flying into canada on january 26th and plan to be in Calgary on january 27th. I wanted to write for a long time​,​ but for 7 months we have been waiting for visas for our family​,​ and now we have received them and I dare to take the next step. I could never have thought that I would run away from my native home to save the lives of my children. We are from a small​,​ picturesque town in Odesa region​,​ where we had everything for a comfortable life. We work​,​ raise our children​,​ rest with our relatives​,​ create comfort in our home​,​ dream and make plans for the future. But in one day everything is changed. We left everything​,​ everything that we had built for years​,​ to protect our dearest​,​ our children. Now in our hometown​,​ everything is different. The bridge that leads to the city is completely destroyed. Rockets fly over the city and sirens sound constantly. We were always happy because we had the opportunity to take our children to the sea​,​ which is very close by​,​ and now… Unfortunately​,​ now the beaches near the sea are dangerous. Now​,​ instead of children ​,​ there are mines that bring death. We hesitated for a long time​,​ and now we understand that we need to return to our usual life​,​ to educate our children​,​ and to work for their future. Unfortunately​,​ we cannot do this in our native country. And a new country is a road to the unknown. Therefore​,​ it is very important for us to know that someone is waiting for us there and will be able to help when we do not know how to be. We perfectly understand all the difficulties but for the sake of happy future of our children​,​ we will do everything possible and impossible. I pray to the God to help us find our People who will be able to shelter us temporarily​,​ I sincerely believe in this! Let me introduce my family. We are a large family​,​ I am Liudmyla (37 years old)​,​ my husband Oleksandr (41 years old) and our wonderful sons Daniil (11 years old)​,​ Yehor (7 years old) and Makar (5 years old). I am a financier by education​,​ I graduated from university and worked for 12 years in banking​,​ I am hardworking and I am not afraid of any work ​,​ the main thing is that we have the opportunity to live in peace. My husband is a professional photographer​,​ you can see his work here https://shulika.pro/ He also worked in the field of setting up computer equipment​,​ worked as a trade manager for many years. He has a driver's license and also has a good driving experience. Unfortunately English is our weak point​,​ but we are learning​,​ as we perfectly understand that there is no way without language!!! Our family is very friendly​,​ sociable and cheerful. My husband and I are vaccinated​,​ without harmful habits. I really believe that my message will read a person or a family who is ready to have faithful friends from Ukraine​,​ and is able to help us at first with housing​,​ registration of all documents​,​ searching for work and simply good advice. We will be extremely happy and grateful for everything. We will be glad and grateful for any suggestions and advice. Thank you for reading to the end! We are infinitely grateful that in such a difficult time for Ukraine​,​ you support Ukrainians and do not leave them alone with the troubles that war brings.


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Available from: 1/21/2023

Language skills: Minimal

Capacity: 5



Shulika L

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Good day to all members of the group. We are flying into Canada on the 26th of January and plan to arrive in Calgary on the 27th of January . I wanted to write for a…