sponsorship for our family
Elena K
Elena K

sponsorship for our family

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Hello​,​ My name is Lena​,​ and I am reaching out to you with a request for help and sponsorship for our family. We are currently in Ukraine​,​ in the city of Odessa​,​ and we are going through difficult times due to ongoing military actions. I have two children: my son​,​ Ilyusha​,​ who is 13 years old​,​ and my daughter​,​ Polina​,​ who is 9 years old. Our main concern is to ensure the safety and future of our children. They dream of a normal school life​,​ the ability to socialize with friends​,​ play​,​ run​,​ and not be afraid every day. In our region​,​ there are terrible events: sirens and rocket explosions occur every night​,​ and the children cannot get proper sleep. In the morning​,​ they struggle to study due to problems with the internet connection for online learning. I am seeking support and sponsorship to relocate to England​,​ where we hope to find more stable conditions for us and provide the children with access to quality education and a safe environment. If you have the opportunity and the desire to help our family during this challenging time​,​ please contact me. Any form of support​,​ advice​,​ or information will be greatly appreciated. With gratitude and hope for your kind heart​,​ Lena​,​ Ilyusha​,​ and Polina!!!


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Available from: 9/21/2023

Language skills: English language

Capacity: 3



Elena K

Hello, I'm Elena K.

I know how to cook very tasty dishes, and I especially like to bake cakes, pies and cookies. My culinary talents always help our family. My son loves programming and has…