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Temporary assistance with adaptation, finding housing and wo

Temporary assistance with adaptation​,​ finding housing and wo

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Good afternoon. My name is Alexander. I am 29 years old. Before the war​,​ he lived in the city of Bakhmut​,​ Donetsk region. My family is my mother (54 years old) and my dog Newfoundland​,​ 5 years old. We study English and speak a little. We are vaccinated. Now we are applying for a visa and want to fly to Canada. I'm looking at the two provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. If there is an opportunity to provide assistance for the first time with the search for housing and work​,​ I will be immensely grateful. In Ukraine​,​ I worked as a manager in an agricultural company. I also have experience driving trucks and tractors. Cultivation of cereals and oily crops. Before the war​,​ I had my own equipment and some land. Mom worked as a nurse for 35 years.


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Available from: 9/24/2022

Language skills: Little

Capacity: 2




Hello, I'm Oleksandr G.