We are looking for a nice house for a young family of 6.
Julia I
Julia I

We are looking for a nice house for a young family of 6.

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Hi dear friends! I am young mother of 4 underaged children. My dear husband Max is also with us. We are currently located in Austria​,​ Tirol. We have been here for a little more than a year after the invasion of russians to Ukraine. A wonderful host graciously gave us his house and we managed so well together. It turned out that he really needs his house for his family now and we need to move on. We thought of going back to Ukraine​,​ as our house is not destroyed​,​ we live in the central part of Ukraine. But things still are not going well for now and if it is possible we are looking for a temporary nice place​/​house. I say nice because there were situations when we saw the places to stay but for the kids it is not nice at all. We can still work as we are IT. So don’t worry​,​ we will not hang on you to beg for necessities. We are very friendly and reliable people. We wouldn’t have stayed that long with previous host unless we were good guys. My children are 2 boys (Andrey 16​,​ Timothy 9)​,​ and 2 girls ( Liel 7​,​ Anya almost 2) We also have 2 cute cats. Please let me know if you can help. We need it urgently. As we start driving this Saturday morning (June​,​10) We would never have asked for help if not for this war russians wages over all civilized world. I hope russians stop.


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Available from: 6/6/2023

Language skills: Perfect English with both parents, kids know English well too)), some German, Ukrainian, …..russian

Capacity: 6



Julia I

Hello, I'm Julia I.

We are friendly family of young mom and dad with our 4 underaged kids. We would never have come here unless this war began. We still look at future with much hope and…