Young couple from Ukraine looking for the sponsor

Young couple from Ukraine looking for the sponsor

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Hello. My name is Nikita​,​ I am 19 years old. My girlfriend's name is Dasha​,​ she is also 19. We are both from Kharkov​,​ even before the war we were together​,​ so the war could not break our strong and warm relationship. I am studying computer science and my girlfriend is studying philology. I am fond of soccer​,​ basketball​,​ programming and just trying to improve myself. My girlfriend is into photography​,​ cooking​,​ web design and in general she is well-rounded. We faced the choice of choosing a country for refuge from the war​,​ because we can't return to our hometown. Our eyes fell on the USA. We discussed everything very well​,​ planned in detail and decided to take such a step. The only thing we do not have is a guarantor. We cannot get to the USA without a guarantor​,​ so we appeal to all concerned for help​,​ and in particular to you. We would be grateful not even for an assignment for us​,​ but at least for any information concerning us and our idea. We apologize in advance for the busy time and hope for your understanding. We are not in need of housing or financial assistance​,​ we are quite independent despite our age and do not want to cause any unnecessary inconvenience. Thank you for your attention and we hope for your understanding!


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