Hello, I'm Maryna L.verified

Hello. My name is Marina. I am 17, I will be 18 in March 18.03. I am looking for a temporary (1 maximum 3 months) Canadian family for me and my boyfriend to start life in Canada from 0, get to know your culture and can share his own. Suggested cities and provinces we would like to visit (Mississauga - Ontario, Hamilton - Ontario, Vancouver - British Columbia, Edmonton - Alberta) Preferably the province (Ontario) and not the city of Toronto. I think that with a Canadian family it will be easier for us to adapt. I am ready to help with the children, since I myself have a little sister, the cries of small children do not frighten me and do not bring any discomfort. I can help with the garden, I'm good at growing plants when I do it, they always bloom for me. Help with the farm, vegetable garden (I had experience in this household, as I was often sent to my grandmother during the holidays). I love cats very much, so I am ready to take care of these pets. I can help around the house with cooking. I'm afraid of even small dogs, but maybe I can get used to and make friends with your four-legged friend. I have certificates (in English) for manicure and materials for it, so I can do a manicure for the hostess of the house or a natural male manicure for the owner of the house. I don't speak English well, but I quickly grasp everything. The guy knows English quite well, has been polishing for 3 years, I hope there will also be some kind of male job for him (we are already looking for a suitable vacancy). I also know how to sew by hand, I can sew toys. I draw and knit a little. We do not smoke and do not drink even on holidays, quiet, calm and peaceful. Before the war, I had never been abroad, Poland was the first other country I visited, Polish was easy for me, but I understood that ideally we need to move somewhere further and learn English, since Poland is not suitable emotionally and mentally. I myself am from the center of Ukraine, Cherkasy region. The war touched my world when a fragment of a rocket flew in front of my eyes into the house opposite. At 4-5 in the morning I heard the sounds of rockets and did not fully realize that it was true ... Mom in tears asked me to hug my little sister tightly and not let go, it was very scary .. This event greatly affected me and my psyche, so I had to leave Ukraine unscheduled to my boyfriend to rehabilitate myself. My mother stayed in Ukraine with my three-year-old sister, it is very difficult for her there, since she is alone with the child. She does not want to go abroad because she believes that she will not be able to settle down in another country. As for me, she does not want me to return to Ukraine because she does not see a future for me in my native country. I sincerely hope that a Canadian family will shelter us and Canada will become a new home for us, I want us to live together :)! Thank you for your attention, it's important!